What we did:

  • Brand strategy
  • Mission
  • Brand identity
  • UX + Visual design
  • Web development

Jedlix came to us with the question to design the onboaring flow of their new app. Of course we don't do our job if we don't start asking questions first. Why did they need a new onboarding design? What was wrong with what they had? They just started, so why invest now in an improved onboarding design? Is that really where we could help them create the biggest impact? Before we began designing what they asked for we wanted to get to know them a little better. Who are their customers? What gaps are left open in their current branding? Being on the distruptive side, how much branding would be enough for Jedlix at this moment and how can we develop a brand strategy that lays a solid foundation for further growth with minimal investment while selling and improving their core product is their main goal right now?

To find out we decided to start at the beginning. Who is Jedlix? Who are part of the Jedlix family? Why did they choose to work at Jedlix? How did Jedlix get started? What is their story?

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After a couple of creative sessions we decided on a set of true values that were made actionable both from within their company culture as well as to driving outward to their customers.

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Jedlix didn't want a completely new logo, so we looked at how we could optimize their exsisting logo with just a few minor adjustments. The updated version is more streamlined and aligned with their values.

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