We create brands
and help startups grow


Moonbase Co. is a brand- and design-driven startup studio. We partner with purpose-driven startups to help establish brand and design as an early competitive advantage.

Our purpose


We work with personal brands, early-stage startups, and companies because we're passionate about helping people build purpose-driven products and services. And we are passionate about teaming up with passionate people.

We understand that early-stage startups are strapped for cash and what matters is getting to the next proof point. We help you find and create the biggest impact for your budget.

We help you write your story. We define your true values, your mission and vision. We create a positioning strategy and from there we build a brand that people talk about.

Who are we for?


Futurists, minimalists, and nerdy yet sporty at heart, Moonbase Co. is a studio that helps ideas and products launch and grow. We support starters, disrupters, dreamers, and anyone who feels they need a change. Ideas, apps, social media strategy, and everything in between. We help with yours.

Ready to get started?

We're here for you.

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We're here for you.

A team of kindred spirits, we are makers, thinkers, organisers, and explorers.
We are empathetic, innovative, involved, creative, open,
and we will see you through.

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