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Helping people build a better world is why we do what we do. Small changes to create a big impact. What better way to start than with you, the student. We want to help you find your voice, find out what you stand for, and how best to tell your story.  As a startup coach, I can help you with questions about startup strategy, startup branding, startup scaling, startup marketing, business strategy, product design, or I can give expert advice on your UI-design, UX-design, visual design, logo design, or copy-writing. Besides all the business-y stuff I might also be able to give you just some general life/work advice. What will help you become more creative? How to stay sane? How to deal with stress? Stuff like that.

If you like some honest, no bullshit support or advice pick a time and we're off.

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If, after reading our website, you have a question, or you would like to talk, just hit us up. We seriously suck as small talk, but love talking about starting a business, branding, productivity, personal growth, running, exercising, collaborations, traveler's notebooks, Seth Godin, being a dad entrepreneur, how to make an impact, logos, hiking, nature, (company) cultures, user experience, finding your true values, goalsetting, getting out of your comfort zone, humane tech, just to name a few. So if you like to talk, come visit us at The Student Hotel, Rotterdam, or drop us an email from the contact page.

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