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Skanders Gym experienced incredible growth in their first year and they were ready to invest in creating a stronger position in their pretty saturated market. Skander Dawoud and Ruqiyah Visser are passionate about the sport, empathetic to their community, and entrepreneurial in their business. Through these pillars we defined the essence of what Skanders Gym stands for; getting out of your comfort zone, community support, and personal growth. It's all about the community and the support you give eachother in order to be more confident, to be stronger, to feel better. At Skanders Gym they are all in it together. Different goals, but on the same path.

We defined clear and honest core values and created an identity that matched sweating together, pushing eachother, and reflected that in a simple "S" mark. The mark is recognizable, simple, and timeless. The new band moved Skanders from any other kickboxing gym, to a kickboxing gym that is proud of its most elite trainers and members, but also of anyone who dares to take that first, often most difficult step, to walk in and sign up.

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